Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Singing Monkeys of the Past

I still haven't gotten the pictures from the zoo yet, but we'll deal with it.

Did you know my sister, you know the one holding my zoo pictures hostage, doesn't eat anything, ANYTHING with syrup.  Yeah, but she eats toast with jam.  Creeeeeepy!  I love syrup on pancakes, on waffles and french toast.

My mom posted this video on her blog.  I am posting here because some of you can't read my mom's blog.

I told her not to post this, but she did it anyway.  I like now though, because people think I'm cute.  I thought it was ridiculous.

I have a joke.

What did one wall say to the other?

Answer:  Meet you at the corner.

I might not be around for awhile.  I am going to my grandma's in Ohio.  I may do long distnace posting, mom types and I tell her what to post over the phone.  From OHIO.

Floating baby heads will kill you.

Flying chihuahuas will fall from the sky and eat your brains.

Swimming monkeys will take over the planet.

Jumping chickenspiders will steal your turkey at Thanksgiving.

Running cute baby kitties will beat you with a stick.

Spitting snakes will infect your mind.

Big green and white balls of the PAST will fall on your head.

And to wrap this up.....I like chipped beef gravy!!


  1. I'm going to my Grandma's house next week, too!

    Great post, I hope the chickenspiders don't steal my turkey.

  2. Oh and by the way, Good Job on your new girlfriend, Taylor.


  3. You are just so adorable!

    "Running cute baby kitties will beat you with a stick"
    You bet they will!!

    Have fun at Grandma's.

  4. I read this with Sports Boy and we both agree that Chicken Spiders sound crazy!!

    What are your mom and I going to do when you and Sports Boy are gone?

  5. You are hilarious little man! I lurrrrrvvvve your moves btw. And your singing skills? STELLAR!

    Shake what yo' momma gave ya!

  6. A life without syrup IS creepy!

  7. Wow Yoda Penguin, you are a total ROCK STAR! LOVE IT! Nunderwears and all!

    Sissy doesn't like syrup? She's a WEIRDO!

  8. And to wrap things up. . . .

    I love you! See you TOMORROW! Uh huh uh huh!


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