Sunday, September 12, 2010

That One Mom is HERE!!!!!

Once upon  a time, there was a day, actually a weekend, where there was a girl called That One Mom.  One of her friends was a kid's mom. The friend's blog was Think Tank Momma....  And that's all I got...

Well, literally That One Mom is at my house RIGHT NOW!  She lives in Minnesota.  We both made friendship bracelets and gave them to each other. 

So...  Have you heard of my aunt, Buffee?  She follows That One Mom. 

That One Mom is AWESOME!!! She has an iPod Touch. 


I like Sponge Bob!!!!  Sponge Bob is awesome! Sponge Bob is cool!

Broccoli falls off of trees.  Apples came out of Kooper's butt. (That One Mom disagrees.) *giggles*


Taylor Swift is AWESOME!!!!!

Joke of the day:  What happened when the turkey got electrocuted?  THANKSGIVING!!!!


  1. Kamalamadama, you must be pretty special to have a bloggy buddy spend the whole weekend with you! ;)

    Oh...and um...that joke makes about ZERO sense. Just sayin'

  2. I think this is HANDS DOWN the best post I've read tonight! I LAUGHED OUT LOUD. And I'm snorting as I type. Why? you might ask? Because I'm glancing over at this picture of Daddy-O in his bowtie and comb-over....oh my....

    Looks like fun!!

  3. Hey Kamden its me that one moms daughter i read your posts and i see you like Taylor Swift, well
    i do to and so does my mom! seya later pal!


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